'My idea of exercise was dashing to the fridge in the ad breaks on telly...'

Exercise was never my thing

  • Since my 20s, I've always had an office job
  • As a single man, I went to the pub every night of the week
  • As a family man, most evenings and weekends revolved around the family, the TV and beer in the fridge

Mid-life crisis? Another one?

  • At about 49, being 'self-employed' after being made redundant, I thought I may need to do something about my health if I was going to live to see my children grow up
  • I bought the British Army fitness book
  • I was ashamed to find I didn't meet any of the fitness standards needed to even begin the course!
  • Luckily there was also a remedial section - ways to get you fit enough to actually start the book!

Running seemed the easiest option

  • Sit-ups and press-ups and 'planks' seemed too much like hard work -  so I thought I might tackle the running section
  • Lesson 1: Run for 1 minute, walk for 4 minutes and repeat 3 more times - 20 minutes of exercise, of which only four were spent running.   I couldn't even complete that!
  • But I persevered....