I present regular seminars and training events which are open to everyone, and also offer closed, bespoke sessions for busineses or networking groups.

You could come to one of my mid-morning marketing masterclasses for those who find it hard to get to conventional training - such as home-based mums and dads with school-age children.

My evening seminars are always popular with professionals who apreciate the opportunity for local networking And of course there are interactive online webinars for those who cannot get to the face-to-face events

Recent seminar subjects include:

Strategy for success
How to create a successful business without becoming trapped by it. How to stay in control whether you are starting, developing or exiting a business

Finding & winning customers
Essential marketing that matters - the tools that everyone thinks they know already, but most of us forget to use

Money, money, money!
How to set prices, manage your cash flow – and why discounting is highly dangerous.

Wonderful websites
How to plan and write a website that sells. And an introduction to the black art of search engine optimisation so yours gets found first

Negotiating to win
How negotiation is a game. And if you learn the rules, strategies and tactics, you can be a winner much more often

Stronger Business Development (via Stronger Business Ltd)
The six maxims that should be at the heart of every business owner or manager's business development plan.

Other workshops include:

Successful Business Negotiation
A half-day workshop looking in depth at the strategies and tactics used by successful negotiators. A really useful half-day workshop packed with tremendously valuable information. 

New business workshop
To give anyone starting a business all the tools they need to take the idea from the drawing board to the real world. A one-day event offering really useful practical tips and insights to give your business the best possible start, and every delegate leaves with their own personal strategic marketing plan.

Development programme

I am also one of the three founding principals of Stronger Business Ltd that hosts the Stronger Business Pathwaya development programme for ambitious SME owners, helping them to develop and implement a sustainable strategy for effective business growth.

If you think you may qualify for the next programme, please get in touch for an informal discussion.

“If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.” Thomas Edison