What our clients say about us


A New Business

  • "You offer me guidance in a very calm and reassuring way with your experience shining through."
  • One-off Advice 
    “Julian very kindly contacted me personally with some excellent advice; advice that is helping me get to the place I need to be in order to feel comfortable about 'selling'. Thank you so much, Julian, for taking the time to share your experience and knowledge.”

  • A Growing Business 
    "Thanks for the meeting yesterday. I think that you gave some really good advice but most of all the confidence to know that I am actually on the right tracks and not going completely bonkers."
  • Website Help
    “I like working with you, what a refreshing change!"
  • Seminars for Success
    Following five thought-provoking seminars in Royston, here's just some of the comments

    Strategy for Success
    "Really very, very good!"
    "I wish I'd remembered this eight years ago..."
    "I'm definitely coming to all the rest..."

    Finding and winning customers
    "Nothing but positive feedback"
    "I'm busy thinking of ways to use your know;edge in my business"
    "It was very clear and to the point."

    Wonderful websites
    "The entrepreneur in me is really excited..."
    "It was great..."
    "Thanks very much for a really valuable seminar"

    Negotiating to win
    "I am very pleased to report that I have secured three jobs...and I have secured them at a better rate than I would have done had I not attended your seminar."

    Money, money, money!
    "Your seminar was great as usual. I always leave them either wanting to know more or eager to use the knowledge gained."

  • No risk, no obligation

    Please get in touch to find out how I help my clients achieve sustainable business success. And how I could do the same for you.

    Remember why you started your business in the first place and contact me - it could be the best decision you'll make today.