Julian Berry

Practical help, firmly grounded in the real world

Specific help for you

I have developed my strategies based on practical observation, diligent research, accurate analysis and my own practical experience.

There’s no mumbo-jumbo, no fancy jargon, just the knowledge that comes with 20 years of commercial experience applied to your business.

Broad experience

I have spent the last 20 years working in East Anglia, including eight years as General Manager of a successful Cambridgeshire business and six years as Marketing Manager of an international chemicals company.

Having been a consultant for the last three years and worked with over 75 organisations in that time.  I learn a lot from the clients that I work with; lessons that can be readily applied to your businesses too.

I also network widely and study with the following organisations:

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Please get in touch to find out how I help my clients achieve sustainable business success. And how I could do the same for you.